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Miyavi Marriage report?D: Omg he's married to Melody? Some random unknown singer? </3

Frustrated... Random Rants.
So, It's just that design was mentioned... So I just thought of something I would like to rant about, well several actually. Probably not a lot of people would see this anyway :O! Well, anyway... You know when we classify people? eg. Best looking, Best artist, etc. When we start classifying others around us like this, we often become blinded by other possibilities in which, other people may be classified similarily, or possible even better than the person we know. Say we know someone for their amazing designs, and there was this other 'less known person', the person that more people know of will obviously stay as being 'the best' on their list. But anyway, this is not the point but partially. Sooo, I was pretty happy when I got the news from the York Region Skills Competition, that I, have been placed second in their Graphic Design competition, however, making me ineligible to participate in the Ontario (provincial) Skills competition. What a pity. However, the next day I come back from a looong tournament at thornlea, and being placed 4th ( this year was alot harder... A lot of people there +several new schools [eg sports schools], many of their players have recieved some sort of professional training in those Badminton training centres... making it VERY hard to even win, although i have recieved this training as well D:...) ANYWAY, I find out I was actually first. Well, of course the first thing that comes to a person's mind is 'what on earth just happened?". I was very anxious. I really wanted to know WHAT REALLY happened. I was hoping that it wasn't some Disqualification of some sort, hence recieving the award. But thank god it wasnt. I was over joyed, knowing that I am able to participate in the Provincials in around a month. :)... But yea... So back to the pain point. So I tried really hard to find out why this happened, and it was actually the office screwing up. Heh. They thought that, when they saw the winning piece(first place), because the submissions were sent back, was the other girl's, since they all thought she was 'oh so talented in graphic design, NO one else could beat her.'...

I , in all honesty do not hate her at all. In fact, I hate the people around her. Not much hate, but frustrated. Because they just quickly assumed, when looking at the first palce piece, was that girl's!... When clearly my name was RIGHT THERE. How could they do that? It's just... I hate to know that everyone assumed that this girl was BOUND to win first place. However, I guess I crushed all their pride they had for her huh? Since this UNKNOWN girl who didn't really get involved with bigger design projects in school won. I'm sorry office people, that the winning piece was unfortunatley mine. I know it's stupid to even rant about this, but It's such an insult to take someone's winning art, and just say it was someone else's just because that person was known for their accomplishments. I mean, I have my accomplishments too... In fact I had MANY... Just that the credit I get was not as great. The projects I recieve aren't as good, I was NEVER given the chance that she was given. I know it's my fault for not being overly invovlved but, I blame my Ex Graphic Design teacher for being such a retarded favourist that doesn't give OTHER people chances, that guy needs some variety man =/... But overall, my concern was just the mix up was totally stupid. That's why i hate the people around this girl, she's an awsome person but these people make her seem like an ass when she never even thought  things the way others did. She never brags. But anyway. Designers dont like their works to be mixed up with another like that at least. I was just a bit upset and pretty disappointed in the OFFICE. But yea... It sounds dumb eh? But it mattered to me... It's like, I indirectely was being llooked down at... I mean, the other dude, (friend) of hers and mine , we all participated in the competition, He got third, she got second i got first. But you know what this guy says to me? This was before I knew I was first place, because I said " I'll try my best to win her next time >:O!!" this guy says to me. " You'll never beat her."... Dude, how discouraging can you get? You're like such an awsome friend, and hearing this from you really hurt me. But in the end. I actually have been placed before her.

In all honesty, my design was no doubt, unique. I was aiming for uniqueness and the use of symbolism to convey different messages but all in all, the same concept. It was a totally new idea I got, It was also my goal to follow my visual arts theme I have chosen ( I thought it was unique compared to the submissions that day at least D:)

And The teacher that went with us that day, the competition, the dude that favors the girl... My god... He kept saying I'll get disqualified for changing the logo colour, but it wasnt even stated that I was required to use the colours of the logo, and It also didn't even note " NO CHANGING OFFICIAL LOGO" or something, if it was so important to keep the logo ccolour, it would've said so, instead of just saying " remember that your pieces MUST include the skills competition logo" right?... But hey, I really wanna say " IN YOUR FACE" to that horrible man who decided, after 5+ hours of staring at my design and talking with me about my design, to say to me that " you will get disqualified"  continuously during the last 15min of the competition.>.>


NOW. I could rant about night school again like I did with Li in my dad's car about that retarded south asian dude sitting right behind us. My god Im tired of typing... Maybe I should just end my day off by watching skip beat... I'll complain about it tomorrow... I felt that Li didn't really understand me D:...Maybe writing it out would show my emotion and anger... lol

Im stressed man , seriously. This school is filled with assholes.

On top of that, I still have yet gotten admissions to the universities. It's like everyone is getting them :|

Li!! :O

WHICH ONE WOMAN! D: <! btw its only at 54% zoom lol



HELLO LI!!... Im using my precious time for some reason colouring your stuff instead of my AN09 submission which is due really soon D:.... <3 BUT YEA... this is what I did so far... It didnt look like how i wanted it D: <... Yes.. I want to post this on my DA account once I finish, but dont worry I credit ur drawing :D ..... You could use it as well for ur DA too... D:

>_<... tell me if u think its ugly. YOU HAVE TO.




I got my first Miyavi CD!!! :DDD After badminton team practice i just decided to go get the Domo-Kun bag my sister promised:)... so i just randomly walked to the Japanese CDs Section of the store, thinking that they prolly had only Koda Lumi and Aiyumi Hamasaki again... BUT! I SAW THE ONE AND ONLY MIYAVI CD. I went crazy. I bought it right away. I didnt care about the price anymore I just wanted Miyavi CD :DDD.... YEAAAAA finally! After being such a crazy fan of his for a WHILE... Only having an MP4 full of MYV songs, and computer with all of his songs n such. I finally get my dream CD... :)... There are of course other ones i wanted... I also saw a really Nice Tackey box... Im past tackey though, my head was like..."MYV COMES FIRST!!! WAYYYY BEFORE TACKY!!!" *yoink* .. :D



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