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I got my first Miyavi CD!!! :DDD After badminton team practice i just decided to go get the Domo-Kun bag my sister promised:)... so i just randomly walked to the Japanese CDs Section of the store, thinking that they prolly had only Koda Lumi and Aiyumi Hamasaki again... BUT! I SAW THE ONE AND ONLY MIYAVI CD. I went crazy. I bought it right away. I didnt care about the price anymore I just wanted Miyavi CD :DDD.... YEAAAAA finally! After being such a crazy fan of his for a WHILE... Only having an MP4 full of MYV songs, and computer with all of his songs n such. I finally get my dream CD... :)... There are of course other ones i wanted... I also saw a really Nice Tackey box... Im past tackey though, my head was like..."MYV COMES FIRST!!! WAYYYY BEFORE TACKY!!!" *yoink* .. :D


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lol where did you buy it? broadcast?
loser =D

YEA. i didn't care... I WAAS LIKE OMG MYV <3

i didn't know that they sold miyavi there... must be a once in a lifetime thing cause they rarely sell any jrock

indeed. it was that once in a lifetime. DAMN I WISH I WASTED THIS FLUKE IN SEEING HIM INSTEAD. NOOOOOOO D:

it's not like he'll come to Canada anyways

because then it'll be more interesting =D

lol, I CANT D: im too noob. LOL.. GO take a look at ur masterpiece :>

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