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Li!! :O

WHICH ONE WOMAN! D: <! btw its only at 54% zoom lol



HELLO LI!!... Im using my precious time for some reason colouring your stuff instead of my AN09 submission which is due really soon D:.... <3 BUT YEA... this is what I did so far... It didnt look like how i wanted it D: <... Yes.. I want to post this on my DA account once I finish, but dont worry I credit ur drawing :D ..... You could use it as well for ur DA too... D:

>_<... tell me if u think its ugly. YOU HAVE TO.



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really?D: thanks... I thought it wasnt good enough and I was scared of your reaction. o_o

well I think it's good =D

btw, why arent you asleep miss? o_O

i'm looking for something D= but I get D: it's a good thing i took a nap earlier

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